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Wico EK, PR & OC & R Magneto Parts

The Wico EK is the most popular high-tension mag for 1 cylinder stationary engines. The PR is an earlier version of the EK. The OC and R mags were used on oil field engines. Some parts are also available for the earlier oscillating mags like the AX. Call, e-mail, or write with needs.

There are three common types of drives (and a number of less common ones) for EK mags. They are known as Type 1, Type 2, & Type 3. Before ordering springs, you must decide which type you have. Click on the following to see sketches of the drive types:

Type 1 Type 2 Type 3

Order number Description Picture Price each
WIC045 Cover, front, brass with stop button   16.50
WIC046 Cover, front, brass, no stop button   15.00
WIC048 Cover, rear, brass   13.00
WIC049 Wrap around band, brass   24.00
WIC021 EK coil set   85.00
WIC024 PR coil set   85.00
WIC030 OC coil set, 1 left and 1 right Avalable again fall '08   130.00
WIC033 R coil set, 1 left and 1 right Available again fall '08   130.00
CND01 Condenser, EK, PR, AX or OC, new type   5.00
WIC041 Condenser, original type, more easily installed, for EK, PR, AX, or OC   8.00
WIC055 Insulator strip, most common   1.00
WIC056 Insulator strip, thin 1.00
WIC058 Lead-out tower, EK   6.00
WIC059 Lead-out tower with screw in button, brass insert, & spring, OC or PR   30.00
WIC063 Mounting casting, EK   35.00
WIC066 Nut, 7/32 x 32   0.50
WIC070 Oil felt, EK or PR   1.00
WIC080 Point set, EK, includes 2 oil felts   10.00
WIC064 Point tube and alignment pin plate (points not included)   45.00
WIC082 Rocker arm, EK drive type 2   28.00
WIC083 Roller, case hardened   3.00
WIC086 Screw, 7/32 x 32 with nut & washer   4.60
WIC089 Spring holder arm, return type 2   9.00
WIC090 Spring, drive, EK, type 1   4.00
WIC091 Spring, return, EK, type 1   4.00
WIC092 Spring, drive, EK, type 2   4.00
WIC093 Spring, return, EK, type 2   4.00
WIC094 Spring, drive, EK, type 2, Witte TG   4.00
WIC095 Spring, return, EK, type 2, Witte TG   4.00
WIC096 Spring, drive, EK, type 3   4.00
WIC097 Spring, return, EK, type 3   4.00

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