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Oil Cups & Oil Wick

I stock 2 different types of oil cups, captive-ball end and flip-top (or as a friend calls them "toilet-seat") type. I currently have only 1/4" in captive-ball end. I will have other sizes soon.

Oil wick (or hard white felt rope) is used in the hole below the cup. Order one size smaller than the cup. Wick is sold in 2" lengths, enough for half a dozen or more cups. Longer lengths are available, please ask. ALWAYS thoroughly pre-soak the wick before installing in the hole as a dry wick will soak up any oil on the shaft.

Order number Description Picture Price each
OC01 Oil cup, 3/16", flip top   0.75
OC02 Oil cup, 1/4", flip top 0.75
OC03 Oil cup, 5/16", flip top 0.75
OC04 Oil cup, 3/8" flip top 0.75
OC12 Oil cup, 1/4" captive ball   0.75
WCK01 Oil wick, 1/8" diameter, 2" length   0.50
WCK02 Oil wick, 3/16" diameter, 2" length   0.50
WCK03 Oil wick, 1/4" diameter, 2" length   0.50
WCK04 Oil wick, 3/8" diameter, 2" length   0.75